How to get a Grant for Solar Panels

Grants for solar panels of up to €3800 are accessible in Ireland under the conditions of using a registered contractor from SEAI’s (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) Solar PV installer register and if your home was built in 2010 and earlier. Grants, which will be paid at the end of the installation are to support homeowners for the cost of buying and installing solar Photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems. The Solar PV scheme administered by SEAI will run until the end of 2020.

Note: If you plan to have a solar panel that only produces hot water, there are grants available of up to €1200.


How to qualify

To qualify for a grant you must:

  • Be the owner of a home built and occupied before 2011
  • Use new materials and products that were not already covered under another grant programme
  • Use a registered company from the SEAI’s registered list of companies
  • Have the electrical work completed by a Safe Electric Ireland electrician
  • Apply to be connected to the electricity distribution system using the ESB Networks NC6 form (pdf)
  • Have a Building Energy Rating (BER) carried out after the work is completed
  • Agree to participate in SEAI research about the scheme


  • The grant covers materials and labour unless you are a contractor doing the work in your own home. In this case, only the cost of the materials is covered.
  • If the cost of the systems and work (including VAT) is less than the maximum grant amount, you will get a grant for the actual cost.
  • The maximum grants are:
System Rate
Solar PV system €700 per kWp up to a maximum of 2kWp

(kWp means kilowatt-peak, which is a measure of the peak output of a solar PV system)

Solar PV and battery energy storage system €700 per kWp up to a maximum of 4kWp for the solar PV system and €1000 per battery system
  • If your proposed system is larger than what the scheme covers, you can get the maximum grant available for the system you install. For example, if you want to install a 3kW solar PV system, you can get a grant of €1,400, which is the maximum grant for a 2kW system (2 x €700 = €1,400).

        How to apply

  • You can apply online or by post. If applying by post, you should contact the SEAI to get an application form and send it back to them – see ‘Where to apply’ below.
  • When applying for the grant you will need to provide details about the installation, including the system’s size. You will also need to provide your address and the MPRN number from your electricity bill.
  • Your installer will give you the documentation you need to claim the grant, including the signed Declaration of Works form. You should keep these documents for your records. Your installer will also complete and upload a number of documents about the work to the SEAI website. SEAI has a solar PV completion checklist (pdf)that lists the documents needed.
  • SEAI will then process your payment, which will be paid by EFT into your bank account. It may take up to 6 weeks for the grant to be processed and paid.
  • SEAI publishes

detailed information on the Solar PV scheme, including a guide to help with your application (pdf).

        Where to apply

          Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

  • SEAI Head Office
  • Wilton Park House
    Wilton Place
    Dublin 2
    D02 T228

         3 reasons why you should have Solar Panel in your home

Basically, Solar Power, ‘the Never Ending Energy Source’ is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms.


  • By generating your own electricity, you can save on electricity bill and make a profit.


  • Because of being renewable and clean energy, it has no harmful effects such as smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, sulfur and radiation.


  • Economically, it reduces the dependence on foreign sources and allows the increase of income from natural resources.