How to prepare your property for rent

Handy tips for Homeowners:

This article is about to give guidance to homeowners who are planning to rent their properties. To prepare property for rent is extremely important to avoid complaints which may come from your tenants.


Tips to prepare your property for renting:

  • Have a clearly defined tenant demographic. group of students? Single or married couple with children?  It is better to predetermine.
  • Make the property presentable; (cleaning, wall painting, repairing of ceilings, floors, door handles, etc.)
  • Check all plumbing to avoid problems later.
  • Check all electrical work. It’s highly recommended to have all electrical work looked over by a qualified professional.

Ways of renting your property directly (Without Agent fees)

  • Advertise your property via Property Search Website, you can advertise for free on
  • Decide a rental fee; set a reasonable asking price for your property
  • Decide how much deposit to charge for possible damages made by tenant. This generally amounts to one month rent upfront.
  • Make a lease; there are plenty of lease samples on the internet, just find one you are comfortable using.