No let up in rising rent prices as Cuckoo Funds take over

One of the most important issues of the last days in Dublin is ‘Cuckoo Funds’.

As you know Corporate investors snapped up all most 3000 homes costing in excess of €1.1bn. and it will possibly end up with rent hikes. Professionals estimate that rent costs in Dublin will increase by 17% in the following years.

According to Savills (Real Estate Company) reports, due to a shortage of houses, markets continued to tighten and property fees continued to rise.

Rising house prices and tight mortgage lending force people from traditional home ownership to tenancy, perhaps even worse. Great numbers of renters barely afford the already inflated rents, pushing many into economical suffering and in the most adverse scenario into homelessness.

Another question in mind is how students, newly married couples, briefly people who have limited economical opportunities survive this housing crisis.