Tips to renovate your home on a small budget

For most people the sound of home renovations feel daunting and time consuming.

 Below are some tips that won’t take up too much of your time and won’t hurt your pocket.

  • Determine the needs of your home before you start renovating it. Determine what work will maximum the value of your property.
  • The Kitchen is at the centre of nearly every home and if you’re not satisfied with your kitchen counter top, there is no need to buy a new one. You can paint your counter top with plastic laminate and make it look like granite.
  • Repair cracks in your bathroom sink by using silicone. Straight away your bathroom will look and feel fresher.
  • Simply renewing old tap handles and shower heads can certainly change your bathroom’s appearance from rotten and ageing, to new and modern
  • Remember how small details are important in decoration. You can change the look of your home by replacing dirty, worn or shoddy power switches and sockets with new models. Good quality electrical switches will add luxury and beauty to your home
  • One of the most important rules of decoration: Hang wall-mounted mirrors, especially in narrow and dark parts of the house, instantly spaces look larger and more spacious. This will help you create a fresh, new and elegant look.
  • Try out wall panelling which is a fantastic feature to use in the home and the variety of styles and finishes means it works in almost any interior scheme.